Acceptable Use Policy

Dream Ventures is a brand of Gnet IT Solutions, a duly registered web service business. Dream Ventures’ Acceptable Use Policy is created to give our customers and users a clear understanding of what our Company expects of them while using our services. All users and customers of Dream Ventures must comply with this Acceptable Use Policy.

We expressed support to the free flow of information and ideas over the internet, and we do not actively monitor the activity of our clients, nor exercise editorial control of our client’s websites, other than the measurement of system utilization and preparation of billing records. However, in our effort to promote good citizenship within the internet community, we are deemed to remove accounts containing any materials which, in our sole discretion, may constitute violations of our Acceptable Use Policy.

The following constitute violations of our Acceptable Use Policy

Illegal Use: The services of Design Web Hosting may not be used for illegal purposes, or which supports illegal activities if proven by law. This includes websites that offers pirated software and other pirated products, warez, IRC Bots, porn sites, and distribution of viruses. Dream Ventures reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities in disclosing information about clients who violate this Acceptable Use Policy.

Adult Related Websites: Our services may not be used with websites that poses harm, or attempt to harm, minors in any way, including, but not limited to child pornography.

Threats and Harassment: Our services may not be used to transmit information or any material that threatens or encourages harm, hatred, grave threat to society, or harassment to others. If proven by law, transmissions of any of these information may not be used either through email, file uploading, posting in websites, or otherwise.

Spamming, email/news bombing: Malicious intent of a customer to impede other person’s use of email or news services will result in immediate termination of customer’s account without refund if proven by law.

Banned Scripts: Our hosting service does not allow the use of some common applications and scripts that are detrimental to the overall performance and security of the server. The following are the non-acceptable applications and scripts:

Ikonboard (All versions)
FormMail (Matt’s Script Archive, Inc – all versions prior to v1.92)
UltimateBBS (All versions)
nph-proxy, including The Anonymizer
IRC Egg Drops

Dream Ventures will issue warning to those who are using any of the above non-acceptable applications and scripts. Dream Ventures reserves the right to cancel service without refund to accounts that continuously use the non-acceptable applications and scripts listed above despite the issued warnings.

Network disruption and unfriendly activity: Our services may not be used with activities that disrupt operations of other network and malicious attacks against another network host or individual users. It is also expected that our users and clients should not attempt to access other member’s accounts, or penetrate security measures put up by other members. Violation of this measure, if proven by law, will result in immediate termination of account, whether the intrusion results in loss and corruption of data or not.